Pollution, deforestation, depletion of natural resources, endangered species… caring for the planet and the environment is everyone’s business and that is why World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5. A date that serves to raise awareness about the importance of caring for our planet. From Barcolobo we tell you about our contribution to this collective task.

At Bodegas Barcolobo we are privileged by the natural environment that surrounds us and therefore we know the need to take care of it. We are aware of how lucky we are to have our wineries located in such an enviable landscape, that is why we take great care of our processes in order to take care of our resources in the most efficient way possible.

There are few wineries that can boast of being located in a protected area. This is the case of ours, located in the middle of the Natural Reserve “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero”.

In addition to the landscape, the qualities of the area where our vineyards are located are one of the great values of our wineries. That is why we are fully committed to caring for the environment. An environment that gives our raw material a characteristic quality and uniqueness.  A terrain of pebble, sand and alluvial soils that allow rainwater to collect more easily. In this way, humidity is maintained even in the driest months.

Care for the environment

To avoid the least possible impact on the environment, both at a landscape level and on the land itself, at Barcolobo we use natural plant covers. Something that allows us to respect the maximum and thus achieve a balance between vines and land.

In addition, our entire production process is carried out as manually as possible in order to take care of both the space and the raw material and thus achieve a wine of the quality that characterizes us.

The fact that our activity is located in a nature reserve, allows us to enjoy just a few meters from a wonderful fauna with more than 189 species and a flora that forms a spectacular forest.  It makes us even more aware of the need to take care of our planet and natural environment and therefore we encourage you to also collaborate by contributing your grain of sand.