Finca La Rinconada

BARCOLOBO wines are born in the winery located in Finca La Rinconada, an extraordinary and picturesque natural area in the municipality of Castronuño (Valladolid). It is a place of long agrarian, livestock and hunting tradition located in a privileged environment: the Natural Reserve “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero”, an exceptional habitat for species such as the imperial heron, deer, wild boar, eaglets and endless animals.


A spectacular forest nestled in the only protected area of the province of Valladolid. Here, we can find white poplars, black poplars, willows, stone pine, holm oaks, elms as well as plants such as thyme, lavender or aeneas. All this vegetation accompanies the Douro River as it flows through an area worth discovering and that serves as a refuge and protection for a large number of birds.


Very few wineries can boast of being nestled within a nature reserve. Ours also has some outstanding qualities that give it unquestionable landscape values. This means that our commitment is, even if it is possible, greater in order to protect this environment that, undoubtedly, contributes to our wines the essence and uniqueness that characterizes them.


The Riberas de Castronuño Natural Reserve – Vega del Duero has a great wealth of fauna. Many birds find here one of the last refuges to rest before continuing their migratory journey. In fact, the presence of threatened birds such as the imperial heron or the marsh harrier increase their value even more. In total, 189 species of birds, 24 of mammals, 10 of reptiles, 5 of amphibians and 9 of fish have been counted.

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 Finca La Rinconada