The world of wine has occupied a great place in Spanish culture and a reflection of this is its prominence on the big screen. Today in Barcolobo we tell you about 3 series where wine cellars are the main protagonists.

Cinematic references to wineries and vineyards have been numerous in the history of our television. Great landscapes that have witnessed love stories, betrayal and great family dramas. One of the charms of these audiovisual pieces is undoubtedly the attractive landscape that can be contemplated through our screens and that is why today we tell you about three Spanish series in which wine and wineries are major protagonists


It is undoubtedly one of those series that are remembered for a long time, and is that, although it began airing in 2010, who does not still remember the Reverte family, the Miranda and Cortázar?  A melodrama broadcast on TVE between 2010 and 2013 with a great success of audience. It tells the story of three winemaking families with different points of view about wine.

A very successful series that had an exceptional cast with names such as Paula Echevarría, Ángela Molina, Aitor Luna, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba or Francesc Garrido.

This series not only had the support of the public but also that of the critics. Both the story and the actors were nominated on numerous occasions for renowned awards such as the Zapping Awards, Ondas, the Spanish Television Academy and the Actors Union Awards.


The classic of classics. One of the longest running and most successful series of our television that tells the stories of the Alcántara family in Madrid.  A journey through the history of our country that has been broadcast on TVE for more than 20 years. In it, wine and, especially wineries and vineyards, become very important when Antonio Alcántara, the father of the family, decides to invest his savings and create his own wine in the town where he grew up, Sagrillas.

Juan Echanove, Imanol Arias, Ana Duato, Ricardo Gómez, Pablo Rivero, Elena Rivera or María Galiana are some of the great recognized faces that have participated in this iconic series, which has won the Ondas Award, the National Television Award from the Ministry of Culture or numerous Iris Awards, among other prizes.


The most current of the list. Broadcast in March 2021, it narrates the love story between its protagonists. Set in numerous cities at the end of the 19th century, the story begins with the Montalvo family’s wineries in Jerez, where we can observe the luck of such a scenic enclave in the middle of nature.

Starring artists such as Rafael Novoa, Leonor Watling or Juana Acosta, we can enjoy it on Amazon Prime and Atresplayer.


As if it were a movie, the Barcolobo wineries extend along the hectares of the La Rinconada estate in the middle of the Natural Reserve “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero”. A dream environment where nature takes all the protagonism and allows us to enjoy such high quality wines.

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