The wineryMime, dedication and time

 Finca La Rinconada


Our vineyard is characterized by pebble, sand and alluvial soils that are able to collect rainwater and maintain humidity in the months of greatest drought. We use natural vegetable covers and respect the environment to the maximum, which provides an excellent balance to our vines.


Our vineyard covers an area of 20 hectares where Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties are cultivated. We work according to sustainable criteria in viticulture and ecological techniques since we do not use aggressive treatments in the vineyard. For our target, we control an old vineyard of the Verdejo variety, which completes our range of exceptional wines.


The BARCOLOBO vineyards are located in an extreme area of Castilla y León. We have a continental climate of Atlantic influence, with cold winters and summers subjected to rigorous temperatures, which play a fundamental role in the development of the strains producing grapes of exceptional quality that stand out for their great concentration.


In BARCOLOBO we prioritize quality over quantity, therefore, if the plant so requires, we perform green pruning. When the grape has reached its optimum moment of maturity we proceed to the harvest. This is done manually and in small boxes. A first selection of bunches is made in the vineyard, and then, once in the winery, the grapes are transferred to a cold room where they are kept at a temperature of 3ºC in order to avoid oxidation. This also allows us to obtain a greater extraction of varietal aromas, colors and noble tannins.


After a few hours in the cold room, the bunches are again selected in our selection table. From here they are despalled and the grapes, without squeezing, pass by gravity to 5,000 and 10,000 liter tanks, with controlled temperature, for their maceration and fermentation. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the aged wines will pass to the selected barrels.


After the alcoholic fermentation the wines go into French oak barrels with selected toasted. The racking of the wine is carried out as many times as necessary to achieve the quality desired by the winemaker. Each variety and plot is vinified separately to maintain its personality. A continuous process of tasting is key to get wines where the harmony between fruit and wood prevails.