It has become a custom, almost a deep-rooted tradition in our country, to bring a detail every time you go to a relative or friend’s house. Normally it is something tasty, since the visit plan is usually a lunch or dinner. It can be a starter to nibble, maybe dessert or even a drink. And for the latter, nothing better than a Barcolobo wine as a gift, the exquisite present with which you will always succeed. Red, white verdejo or rosé; whatever the menu, you have a great variety of wines to choose from.

But if you do not know what the dishes are going to be, it is better to play it safe and go for a rosé wine. Our Lacrimae Rerum belongs to a new vintage, the 2019 and is ideal for pairing with any product. With designation of Castilla y León, it stands out for its floral aroma and its refreshing touch on the palate.

If you do not know the menu, always choose rosé.

It is the wine that goes with everything: meat, fish, dairy products, salads, pasta and even oriental dishes. Lacrimae Rerum is made with Tempranillo grapes from the Barcolobo vineyards on the La Rinconada estate in the heart of the “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” Nature Reserve.

Its aging, to achieve its fermentation, takes place in French oak barrels for a period of 3 months. All this results in a strawberry-colored wine, clean and bright, which in this new vintage is much paler. On the nose, we appreciate notes of fresh fruit, as well as harmonious hints of almond. On the palate, it takes on an elegant taste, with its point of acidity quite fresh.

You already know. If you have an event coming up and do not know what detail to bring, bet on Barcolobo wines. Specifically, for our rosé Lacrimae Rerum, which stands out in all its pairings. Take a look at our online store and place your order, Cheers!