Exposición Vinos

And one more year we have been selected to participate in the great appointment of Spanish wine, the Hall of the Best wines of Spain according to the Peñín Guide 2017.

As you know, only those wineries that have any wine with 93 or more points can be present at this event and we were with two of our wines, Barcolobo 2012 and Barcolobo el Jaral. In addition, the rest of our wines have been included in the category of “excellent” with 90 or more points in this latest edition.

According to Carlos González, director of the Guide, this year they have tasted more than 11,500 references, it is said soon!

It is true that there is a lot of controversy around the guides, the contests, the scores but the reality is that, at the time of introducing our wines in certain places (national but especially international), we are required to have scores and medals If you are in this sector you will know that it is not enough to make good wines, you also have to have a good image, be supported by the critics and above all, have good prices. But well, we are deviating and we can talk about this in another post because it gives for long. Let’s continue with the room …

About 4000 people went there, the vast majority of them professionals in the sector and specialized press, although in the afternoon, it was also open for fans. The truth is that we think it is a successful combination because you have time to “do business” and on the other hand to “chat” amicably with fans and friends. Exchange impressions and especially learn a lot.

We do not know if next year we will repeat but what we guarantee is that in Barcolobo we continue to work hard to offer each year the best we are capable of doing. These awards and recognitions do nothing but reinforce us in the conviction that there is still much to be done.