Who hasn’t come back from holidays thinking that they haven’t made the most of their time? Many times, when the moment we were waiting for arrives, we don’t realise the infinity of different plans we can take advantage of to do during the summer. From Barcolobo we show you how to prepare the best plan so that you don’t end your holidays with that feeling.

Summer has arrived, we have already taken our holidays at work, we have free time and some splendid sunny days in the best company. What else can I do? We have it clear, a wine tasting to enjoy a special plan with your friends.

The first thing you need to do for a wine tasting is to get a group of friends together. It doesn’t matter if they are experts or not, the intention is to get to know the product a little better and above all to have a great time.

Once you have confirmed your attendance, you will have to prepare everything, take into account the utensils you may need: corkscrews, glasses of different sizes and shapes, decanters, thermometers, space to cool the wine and any other detail you want to include as decoration or homeware.

Choose a good wine

The next step is to choose the wines you want to taste. Here there are two options: vertical tastings where you taste different wines from the same winery or horizontal tastings where you taste similar wines from different wineries. Bearing in mind that this is an entertainment plan and not a professional one, we recommend you to opt for the vertical tasting as this way all the participants will be able to enjoy their favourite type of wine and, who knows, maybe fall in love with a good one!

With Barcolobo wineries you will be able to enjoy an exceptional wine tasting. If there are many of you, we suggest you to enjoy our three red wines (El Jaral, El Victoria and La Rinconada) as well as the Verdejo and the rosé Lacrimae Rerum. If, on the other hand, it is a smaller tasting, we encourage you to try one of our reds, the one you prefer, with the verdejo and the rosé. This way you can enjoy a wide range of flavours in just three glasses.

Pair the wines

Finally, for a perfect day, it’s time to prepare some recipes to pair with the wines so that no one goes hungry.  If you prefer something simple, you can try a platter of cold meats or cheeses, or even both together. Always bearing in mind which dish goes best with each one.  If you prefer a more elaborate recipe, visit our website and you will find some ideas to prepare with each of our wines.

Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the company and a good wine while you prepare all your recipes.  And if you are one of those who enjoy sharing your good moments on social networks, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram while you enjoy our Barcolobo wines!