This 27 September is World Tourism Day. And as in Barcolobo there is nothing we like more than combining a good wine from our winery with an experience or a trip, today we want to talk to you about what wine tourism is all about. And it is simply a kind of tourism, that way of travelling and getting to know new and wonderful places, in which wine is a main part, focusing on the whole world that encompasses a wine production.

What to do in wine tourism

Visiting the vineyards at sunset, participating in the grape harvest (one of the key stages in the life of the grape – harvesting), which in Barcolobo we still bet on manual harvesting; all those activities related to the rural environment and the way of life in the countryside.

But, it can also reach the table, and include pairings: learning how to combine the different types of wines with our favourite food, or the typical dishes of the areas we visit. This brings us directly to another type of tourism that enters our top: gastronomic tourism.

Likewise, and although somewhat distant from the classic activities that we could relate to wine tourism, for some time now the use of wine in beauty and health treatments has begun to become popular, in a practice known as wine therapy: using wine to give massages or as facial and/or body masks.

However, in our country there is still a long way to go. Spain can boast of being one of the main wine producers in the world -and without complexes-, both in terms of quantity and quality. But it has not yet made a great commitment to wine tourism at a national level. At Barcolobo, we have closed some specific activities, but we do not have a closed agenda related to tourism.

In any case, nothing will stop us from enjoying World Tourism Day with a glass of our Victoria 2016, one of our flagship wines. Cheers!