Christmas is over, but there is no reason to celebrate. Before we know it, and with the last bits of nougat rolling around the house, Valentine’s Day arrives to remind us that love is the most important cause for celebration there is.

To feel cared for, loved and accompanied at all times. Whether it is love for your partner, which is the main reason for this date also known as ‘El día de los Enamorados’; or even love for your family, for your pet or for your friends. Because being single does not mean that we can’t feel part of this day. Especially because being without a partner is not synonymous with being alone.


Rose Wine

And to celebrate, nothing better than a Barcolobo. On this occasion, we will choose our Lacrimae Rerum. This rose wine, 100% Tempranillo, is produced in the Natural Reserve “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” and aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. It is therefore ideal for Valentine’s Day, not only because of its pink tone, which is the colour associated with this day, but also because of its nuances.

With notes of ripe fruit, with strawberry obviously standing out, this bright and vibrant looking drink surprises with hints of banana on the nose. The palate is unctuous and rounded, with balanced acidity and a long, lingering, sparkling finish.

Because if there is something characteristic of this date it is the spark, that magic that people look for to keep surprising their partner year after year. But as we have said before, it is not the what that matters, but with whom.

Being with the people you love, and with a good glass of Lacrimae Rerum wine, gifts and everything is enough. Everything but dinner! This wine pairs perfectly with a romantic dinner of sushi or cured cheeses. It is also an excellent choice to accompany a vanilla dessert, or a cake where fruity flavours stand out.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with whoever you want, and with Barcolobo. For you, and for love! Don’t hesitate to try it and enjoy an unforgettable evening in good company.