A good wine cannot be missing in these special dates to accompany your meals full of passion and tradition. Christmas is a time for family reunions, great after-dinner meals and the best company. That is why from Barcolobo wineries we want our wines to be present in these special holidays being witnesses of the most beautiful moments of these celebrations. For your Christmas meals, Barcolobo wines

Surprise reunions, relaxed dinners, our wines are an excellent choice to give an excellent first impression to your guests. With a good salad or a cheese and sausage board and any of our products you can save any dinner in just a few minutes.

And every good meal should be accompanied with a very special and exquisite drink. That is why from Barcolobo wineries we offer delicious wines to pair with your dishes. A perfect combination of our passion and tradition, with the affection that surrounds the preparations of these days.


This red wine is characterized by its garnet color with violet hues. It is a very aromatic wine with hints of red fruits and spices and balsamic notes. It also has a very persistent and fruity aftertaste that gives it a unique touch.

El Jaral

One of the winery’s star products is this red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo grapes. It is aged for 20 months in barrels and another 24 months in bottle. Its malolactic fermentation in barrels and the separate vinification of the different varieties and plots. This results in a wine that is balanced and voluminous on the palate, with a long aftertaste. Among the aromas that can be perceived in this wine are sweet spices, ripe fruit and balsamic notes.

Lacrimae Rerum

After the success of its previous vintage, Lacrimae Rerum 2020 is now available to decorate our Christmas tables. This delicious rosé from the Barcolobo family is made from Tempranillo grapes and obtained by bleeding the must directly into French oak barrels where it matures for two months. This process results in a spectacular wine of bright pale pink tone with floral, violet and pink aromas that in the mouth comes off with a refreshing sensation.


An excellent wine, fruit of the white Verdejo grape from old unirrigated vineyards located in the Rueda area. The previous maceration and subsequent fermentation for four months give this wine an intense yellow color, bright, with a lively tear. Its aroma has slight hints of ripe fruit and aromas of fresh grass. All this causes an unctuous sensation of the wine in the mouth, sapid and with good acidity.

With Barcolobo wines you can surprise your guests being the perfect wine for your Christmas meals and offering in a glass, passion, tradition and respect for the environment. Discover them all in our stores section.