El Jaral is one of the flagship wines of our winery and is perfect to accompany an excellent meal. However, it is very important to know how to pair it in order not to miss any detail. So that this doesn’t happen, at Barcolobo we tell you everything you need to know about our wine and the best foods to pair it with.

It is very important when pairing a wine that we know a little about how it is made. El Jaral is the result of a selection of the best grapes in the winery from different varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo. Once it has undergone the entire winemaking process, including 20 months in barrels, this wine is bottled to remain in storage for 24 months before being marketed.

An excellent wine that should be served at a temperature of 16ºC and with a decanter to avoid the perception of any kind of precipitate. Jaral is unique. From its colour, a red tone sometimes black with violet hues in the light, to its taste of intense ripe fruit with subtle aromas of wood, toffee, balsamic with a mineral finish. Every sip of Jaral is a natural treat in our mouth and these are the best dishes to enjoy it with:



In the cold of winter there is nothing better than enjoying a good glass of wine with a hot food. For wines like El Jaral, meat or vegetable stews are perfect. A type of dish that can also be prepared in advance and left ready for lunchtime. A good cocido, a menestra… Spanish gastronomy offers an infinite number of options.


Rice and pasta.

A good red wine like El Jaral cannot miss the opportunity to share the table with an excellent pasta or rice dish. Recipes with a unique flavour that will make you want to stay in your chair. In this case, one of our recommendations is a good risotto or a rice soup and as for pasta, a lasagne or meat-filled cannelloni can be an excellent choice for your meal. An option also suitable for vegans as you can choose to use a vegetable and mushroom filling without hiding the fact that the filling is made with vegetables and mushrooms, but without hiding the fact that it is not a vegetable or mushroom filling.


Fish and meat.

Simplicity is sometimes the real pleasure and that is why preparing a single dish of a good meat or fish dish is enough for an excellent pairing. In the case of seafood, you can choose trout or salmon, even tuna, as they can perfectly complement the flavour of a wine like El Jaral. In terms of meat, the variety is much wider in both red and white meat. Our favourites are grilled meat or good roast pork ribs.


These are just some of our suggestions, but variety is the spice of life. Are you going to test any of them? Tag us on social media (@barcolobo) with your best pairings of this or any other of our wines. We look forward to seeing them!