Do you know what cured meats to pair with our wines? Charcuterie boards are a perfect option to save any meal or improvised event. It is enough to bet on a good raw material and of course accompany it with the perfect wine. In addition, the number of varieties of this product means that we have almost infinite combinations.  In this blog, we tell you the best cured meat to pair with Barcolobo wines.

Cured meats for El Jaral

Among the aromas that can be perceived in this wine are sweet spices, ripe fruit and balsamic notes. That is why it is one of the best wines to pair with a strong-flavored sausage. In this case our bet is with a good cured sausage that gives a touch of flavor to the tasting.

Cured meats for La Rinconada

This red tempranillo grape with aromas of red fruits, lactic and cocoa is perfect to accompany sausages in general. Therefore, if you are thinking of preparing a table with a wide variety of products, La Rinconada is the perfect choice.  In addition, this type of tempranillo grape wines are an exceptional pairing for tasting cured cured pork loin sausage, so it cannot be missing in your most special table.

Cured meats for the Victoria

This is a very aromatic wine with hints of red fruits and spices and balsamic notes. In addition, it has a very persistent and fruity memory that give it a unique touch. That is why when we think of a sausage for this wine we cannot forget a good Iberian ham with which to find the perfect balance between fat and acidity.


Cured meats for Lacrimae Rerum

A rosé wine is always a safe bet for any type of food. In the case of our Lacrimae Rerum, its floral aromas with a refreshing sensation in the mouth, make it possible to taste tasty sausages while easily perceiving the combination of both flavors in our mouth. This makes rosé always a good ally for a table of cured meats. Among the most recommended would be, for example, mortadella or cooked ham. Two options that are easy to keep sliced in the refrigerator and that can get you out of any trouble.

Cured meats for our Verdejo

Verdejo white wine usually pairs excellently with mild flavors, such as chicken or turkey. Therefore, when looking for a sausage that can be perfectly matched with a glass of our excellent Verdejo, we must take this concept into account.  Our verdejo, thanks to its aroma with slight hints of ripe fruit and aromas of fresh grass, causes an unctuous sensation of the wine in the mouth, sapid and with good acidity. Perfect to pair with sausages such as salami or cold cuts of chicken and turkey.

Now that you know the best cured meats to pair with your favorite Barcolobo wines, it is time to prepare a small aperitif at home to surprise your guests with your new knowledge. Barcolobo provides the wine!