Tasting a good wine has always been an easy task, especially if it is one of our delicious products. A glass and a good raw material is the most important thing to enjoy this fruity drink. However, the wine culture has behind it an infinity of complexities that for those wine lovers are very interesting as it is the case of the objects that favour a better tasting of the product. Do you want to know which wine tools you need to become an expert? In Barcolobo we explain you the most essential ones:


The first step to enjoy wine is to open the bottle.   And although it may seem to be the easiest element to get, there is a wide variety to choose from. On the one hand, we have the most common mechanical ones, such as the T-shaped one or its variant with wings or screw, as well as the two-stroke corkscrew, which is the easiest to transport due to its small size. Generally in our kitchens we will always have one of this type.

More complex but easy to handle are the electric ones, or the compressed air ones, which damage the cork much less and are much faster. They are ideal for the most impatient people who cannot wait to taste the wine. There are also the more static, wall-mounted and table-top decanters to give a professional touch to your kitchen or tasting area.


This is one of the most essential tools in the world of wine. It is a container, generally made of glass and with a wider base than the mouth. Its main function is to allow the wine to come into contact with the air over a larger surface area so that it can oxygenate. It is also very useful for separating the wine from any sediment or sediment that may be in the bottle.


The temperature of a wine is one of the most important aspects to take into account before tasting it. It should not be too cold or too hot to be able to taste all its properties.  In general, its ideal state depends on its youth, texture and colour and usually ranges from 7ºC for sparkling wines to 17ºC for red reserva and gran reserva wines.

That is why a wine thermometer is the ideal option to control the exact temperature. Here we can choose from the more traditional glass or mercury thermometer and its digital version that is inserted directly into the wine, to the clock thermometer that is placed in the body of the bottle to measure the temperature from the outside.  In some cases, infrared thermometers are also used, which are very common in large kitchens.


Just as it is important to aerate the wine at the beginning in order to taste all its aromas and flavours, too much time oxygenating the wine can cause it to oxidise much faster depending on its characteristics.  That is why aerators are very important for those who enjoy wine slowly or individually. So that it tastes exactly the same from the first to the last glass.

The emptying device works in a very simple way, it extracts the excess air from the bottle and creates a vacuum space. There are a multitude of varieties and it will depend on the conditions required for each wine to be tasted.

While you choose your favourite wine tools, at Barcolobo we take care of the most important thing: the wine.  A product that follows the winemaking tradition to achieve a delicious taste with an exceptional quality. Visit our website and choose the variety that best suits your tastes, we are waiting for you!