When tasting a wine it is very important to know certain aspects such as the serving temperature at which each wine should be offered, the type of glass in which we should serve it or if it is necessary to oxygenate it for a while in order to enjoy every little detail of this delicious drink.  From Barcolobo we tell you the secrets to taste our wines in the best possible way.

Temperature is one of the most important aspects to enjoy all the characteristics of a wine.  Each temperature highlights different aspects and that is why it depends on each wine the temperature at which it should be drunk.  For example, generally, the colder the wine is, the easier it is to perceive the body or the acidity of this drink, but, nevertheless, when the temperature increases we will appreciate better the aromas that will be more present. However, we must bear in mind that in order to reach the ideal temperature, we must prepare the wine with enough time, as a sudden change in temperature can have a negative effect on our future tasting. Below, we tell you at what temperature you should drink Barcolobo wines in order to enjoy all the aromas and textures that have been achieved with so much care and dedication.

Temperature of La Rinconada

Our Tempranillo grape red wine is ideal to drink with stews, sausages, larded meat or semi-cured cheeses. To enjoy all its aromas of red fruits, lactic and cocoa and its tasty, fresh and full-bodied palate, it is advisable to serve the wine at a temperature of between 14 and 16ºC. Preferably in large glasses to allow all its aromas to unfold.

Temperature of El Jaral

For our limited edition red wine, the ideal temperature will be 16ºC.  This way, you will be able to taste the balsamic notes, cedo and tobacco and sweet spices. By enjoying, also, a balanced, fresh and persistent wine with a long aftertaste. Due to the precipitates that may appear due to the passage of time, it is advisable to decant the wine before serving.

Temperature of Victoria

This red wine made from Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes is recommended to be served at 16ºC. As with Jaral, the use of a decanter is recommended due to the artisanal elaboration and the tannic load. This way you will be able to enjoy that touch of black fruit caressed by wood, liquorice and smoke and perceive the balsamic stimuli of mint, with hints of sweetness.

Temperature of Lacrimae Rerum

The ideal serving temperature for this rosé wine from the Barcolobo family is estimated to be 8ºC.  This wine is an ideal choice to accompany rice dishes, a good Italian pasta dish, a salad or appetizers. The ideal way to enjoy all the benefits of this rosé wine is to use a wide glass, but with a narrow mouth. This way you will be able to perceive its aromas of fresh fruit with hints of almond and its fresh and tasty mouth.

Temperature of Verdejo

This white wine from the Barcolobo family is recommended for oriental dishes, intensely flavoured seafood, mild meats, rice in broth or foie. To enjoy it at its best, it is recommended to serve it at 8ºC. In this way you will be able to taste its ripe fruit aromas with bitter touches and its unctuous volume. It is necessary to use a wide glass.

To get the ideal serving temperature for each wine, you can also buy a specialised thermometer. Now that you know all the secrets for an authentic tasting of our wines, all you have to do is choose your favourites in our online shop and enjoy them in the warmth of your home.