There are not many occasions when we have to deal with a whole set of cutlery adorned with different glasses: business lunches or dinners, events such as Christmas or celebrations such as weddings. These are such one-off gatherings (usually), that most of us never quite learn what each of the glasses is for, until now. Until now, read on to find out all the etiquette surrounding the world of wine!

How to place the glasses on the table

First of all, the most important thing to know is how many glasses we are going to find. Normally there are 4, maximum 5. Never more! Choose well which one will be yours because, normally, at the beginning, those that are not going to be used are removed. So it is important to know what we are going to drink and to identify the glass so as not to confuse the waiter later on.

From left to right, the glasses we will find are: the water glass, the red wine glass and the white wine glass. The sparkling wine (cava or champagne) and fino (sherry glass) -if there is a sherry glass- are still to be found.

Depending on the number of glasses, this is how they will be arranged on the table, which makes it easier to find the cutlery in which we will have our drink.

Three glasses, in the shape of a triangle.

The rightmost glass will be the first to be used. And then, in an anti-clockwise direction, we would continue with the top one.

Four glasses, square shape.

Start serving with the glass at the bottom right-hand end and, as before, continue in a counter-clockwise direction.

Five glasses, in line.

We continue with the same dynamic, but in this case, due to the arrangement of the glasses, we will take them from right to left, leaving the one with the water last.

However, as part of the protocol, we can also identify them by their shape and size. It is also important that they are completely transparent, without any lettering or carved designs, so that the quality of the wine can be fully appreciated.

We hope you have found this interesting and useful. Are you interested in the protocol surrounding the world of wine? Is there anything you would like us to tell you? Here you have Barcolobo’s blog ready to solve all your doubts.