Finding the perfect pairing between wine and food is no easy task. In fact, there is a popular wisdom that has led us to believe that meat is always associated with red wine, and fish and seafood with whites and rosés. But this does not always have to be the case. Everything will depend, first of all, on the particular tastes of each person, and of course, on the nuances of each wine. The heads of the Barcolobo winery tell us about their ideal wine pairings.

It is precisely Carolina Isidro, the winery’s manager, who has discovered this new world full of possibilities for us. “I changed this concept a few years ago, and since then, I always pair a good meat with our Barcolobo rosé”, Isidro tells us. From his point of view, and always choosing a meat that is not too heavy, with this type of rosé wine, a better fusion and explosion of flavours on the palate is achieved. “It is simply perfect”, Isidro explains.

Your dish, your Barcolobo

However, Inma Ollero, the winery’s salesperson, opts for more conventional pairings. However, always based on her criteria as an oenologist, and on her personal tastes. “I love Asian food and I always pair it with our Barcolobo Verdejo. I think it’s very top-notch”, Ollero confesses.

Likewise, and as it could not be otherwise, given her knowledge in the sector, Inma has an ideal pairing for each of the Barcolobo wines. In her case, she prefers to pair fish and seafood with a rosé, and meat with a red. But not just any red. “As for meat, I would opt for something gamey, probably venison, and I would pair it with our Barcolobo Jaral, which is our top-of-the-range wine”, she explains. This wine, with varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo is, in the words of the sales manager, “quite a spectacle”.

Finally, if it is simply an aperitif, Ollero would opt for a Barcolobo Rinconada, as it is a modern wine, with lots of fruit. “It reminds us a bit of a ‘petit-suisse’ because of the milky notes and that little strawberry”, Inma points out.

Endless flavours and nuances in these wine pairings. Our Barcolobo wines have some particularities that surprise with each combination. Don’t be afraid to try them and tell us which is your favourite Barcolobo fusion.