Flora and fauna of our surroundings are of great importance for the environment. However, on many occasions, human activity manages to wear them down and, in many cases, even lead to the extinction of some of their species. For this reason, it is very important that there are certain areas where wildlife prevails over human activity. Nature reserve, such as the one where the Barcolobo winery is located.

In order to achieve this protection, various entities – both national and international – establish different protected areas that vary according to their size and the administration that manages them. Spain is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in Europe and has approximately 22 million hectares of protected areas. This represents a high percentage of the national territory.

In the case of nature reserves, these are small spaces that focus on a specific area. They have a high value in the ecosystem due to their biological elements and are considered to be very fragile in the face of any intervention by people. In Spain, there are numerous nature reserves. They can be divided into partial and total, depending on the degree of human activity they allow. Some of the best known and most important are the Cabo de Gata marine reserve in Níjar or the Cueva del Sidrón in Asturias.

Barcolobo – La Rinconada Estate

Barcolobo wines are born in the winery located in Finca La Rinconada, in the Natural Reserve “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero”. Undoubtedly, this is an extraordinary landscape in a very privileged environment. In the forest of the reserve you can find an exceptional flora: white poplars, black poplars, willows, holm oaks, etcetera. Also plants such as thyme and other varieties. This vegetation is accompanied by a fauna of great richness and variety, amounting to almost 250 species. Birds such as the purple heron or the harrier find in this reserve one of their refuges during their migratory journey.

The good fortune to be able to locate the Barcolobo winery in such a valuable nature reserve means that we are committed to caring for the environment and respecting the limits established to preserve this unique ecosystem on the banks of the River Douro. Our products are made with dedication and affection for the land that gives us so much and the result of this care are the delicious wines from our winery. Don’t miss the opportunity to try our different varieties.