Music and wine. Two concepts that should always go together. There is nothing better than ending the day sitting on your couch, listening to your favorite playlist in the background and having a glass of the Barcolobo that your body asks for: from Verdejo to La Rinconada. A moment of relaxation comparable to very few things.

So much so that there are singers who have taken this fusion to the next level, writing about this drink we love so much. Although not everything is songs with lyrics. Precisely, there is a pasodoble by maestro Manuel Morales Martínez, called “Música y Vinos” (Music and Wines), which becomes an exquisite journey for all your senses.

However, these types of works are not the most commercial; neither are they the most popular. After going through the whole musical history, here we bring you a compilation of the best wine songs.

Popular songs about wine

  • “Tus cartas son un vino”, by Joan Manuel Serrat. In these lyrics, the Spanish singer makes a comparison between the letters of his beloved and the properties of wine.
  • “Days of wine and Roses”, by Henry Mancini. Version by Frank Sinatra. This piece shows us the most fragile side of wine: alcoholism and how it can influence your partner.
  • “Volver en vino”, by Horacio Guaraní. This track describes the role of wine in our daily lives, and how important it is. “Viene la vida”, which could be understood as the economy.
  • “Bitter Wine”, by Bon Jovi. This song makes a metaphor of wine and life, and explains how it turns bitter when the biggest engine of our journey, love, ends.
  • “Vino dulce”, by El Último de la Fila. Each of the phrases that make up this song are affirmations about relationships: perseverance and the vision to face problems.
  • “Red Red Wine”, by Neil Diamond. UB40 version. In these lines, its author presents wine as the battle companion to help us forget the sorrows of a past love.
  • “Vino amargo”, by Rafael Farina. Flamenco also speaks of wine, and in this song, each “quejío” alludes to a broken love. In fact, he explains although he drinks to avoid remembering, it still hurts.
  • “Bottle of Red Wine” by Eric Clapton. This song has become, practically, an ode to wine, where its goodness and properties are highlighted above many other beverages.
  • “Copa Rota”, by Benito de Jesús. Version by Los Rodríguez. The lyrics present us with a broken love, which seeks in the warm wine, his faithful companion to help him forget.
  • “Lilac wine”, by Jeff Buckley. Miley Cyrus version. This song describes wine almost like an elixir, a secret recipe that makes us see and be what we want and not reality.


This decalogue of songs are just some of the many examples that we find in our country and abroad. A perfect tandem that reinforces our idea that music and wine should always go hand in hand. However, this musical compilation could not end without mentioning two of the most popular Spanish songs that allude to this beverage: “Vino tinto” by Estopa and “Soy un truhán soy un señor” by Julio Iglesias. Let’s toast, with a glass of Barcolobo, to good music!