Valentine’s Day, ‘the day of lovers’, arrives on February 14, with many proposals for gifts for your partners. This year, and after all that we have experienced during the pandemic, we have realized that the most important thing, the best gift is the time shared, squeezed to the maximum and that remembering it brings a smile to your face.

Life is made up of precisely that, of indelible moments that encourage us in relapses and that drive us when we have no strength left. And always, those moments come with a toast, because there is always something to celebrate. Even when we think there isn’t.

This Valentine’s Day bet on Barcolobo, that detail that will surprise your partner, that will invite you to have a glass of wine and that will form, from that moment, in an essential of your 2022. Be original, do not fall into the usual gifts that no longer surprise. They are not for wallets or ties; they do not want more chocolates or roses. A wine, a good wine, will be a great choice for both of you.

Red, rosé and white. Barboloco offers a wide variety of varietal wines where Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes prevail; also Verdejo. A commitment to quality that can be perceived in the aroma, enjoyed in the mouth and felt in the soul. It is a complete poetry of love.

Barcolobo wines are made with dedication, care and patience. These characteristics are fundamental in the care of the couple. Thus our wines are the perfect gift for this special day. A proposal of what to expect in the future of the relationship.

And we would like nothing more than to be accomplices of your laughter, your anecdotes and your celebrations. Let’s share together! And let’s celebrate love forever. Valentine’s Day or not.

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