Not all wines are the same. The main element that makes one wine different from another is, without a doubt, the type of grape. Surely you know that there are two main groups: red grapes and white grapes, but do you know the types of grapes within each one? Today we will take a tour to get to know our protagonists.

Red grapes

In Spain, the vast majority of wines produced are red. They are very distinguished wines, ideal to accompany cheeses, stews and red meats. That is why today we bring you the three most popular types of grape in Spanish vineyards:

  • Tempranillo. This is the most popular grape variety in Spain. Also called Tinta del País, it is a grape with low acidity and low sugar content. Therefore, it is very difficult for it to exceed 12 degrees of alcohol by volume.
    It has a great capacity for ageing, making it ideal for barrel-aged wines. Its ruby red colour and its aromas of red berries will captivate you instantly.
  • Syrah. It is a variety used to give color and body to wine. Early ripening, the Syrah grape is characterized by requiring a lot of sun and being planted in areas with high temperatures. It stands out for its bright red color and black fruit aroma.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the most widely used and famous red grape for winemaking. It is also widely used to complement other grapes and in the production of rosé wines.
    It is very appreciated for its intense red colour and its great durability, its aromas are of violets, blackberries, coffee and raspberry, with a hint of green pepper.

White grapes

Fine, fresh, fruity, with great acidity… white wines are becoming more and more popular. Highly recommended as an accompaniment to appetizers, salads, fish, seafood, rice and pasta dishes. It is the perfect choice for any situation. Three types of white grapes most commonly used to make these exquisite wines are:

  • Verdejo. This is one of the oldest grapes used to make wine. Of Spanish origin, they show greenish yellow tones and fruity aromas of pineapple and fresh grass that will make you can’t resist tasting it.
  • Chardonnay. Originally from the French Burgundy, it is a grape variety that adapts very well, whose fruit allows the creation of a great variety of wines, both sparkling and young. In our country it is used in young wines due to its moderate acidity and its pleasant aromas of fresh fruit. A perfect option to surprise anyone.
  • Sauvignon blanc. It is mainly used to produce fresh and aromatic young wines, tropical fruits, wild flowers, passion fruit… a delight. Originally from France, in our country it is used in the production of Cava.