Enjoying a glass of good wine is one of the greatest pleasures of the day. But if you also accompany it with a delicious dish, then it becomes, without any doubt, our favourite moment. However, we must be careful and know how to pair the flavours correctly in order to fully enjoy the aromas and tastes of the wine we have chosen. Rosé wines are usually characterised by their fruity aftertaste and aroma, so at Barcolobo we give you some ideas for pairing a complete meal with our rosé Lacrimae Rerum.

Lacrimae Rerum, the rosé wine that should not be missing in your wine cellar.

Rosé is one of those refreshing wines that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. It is perfect for any time of the year, although its freshness usually makes it the star of the wineries between May and September.

Barcolobo’s Lacrimae Rerum is one of the winery’s hallmarks, an example of good workmanship and the quality of the raw material. Fruit of the best Tempranillo grapes from our estate, and with a winemaking process in which care and attention to detail are the maxims to be followed, this wine is characterised by a spectacular pale pink, pale, plush, bright. The Lacrimae Rerum offers us subtle floral aromas of violet and rose with an elegant mouth with good acidity, a fresh and refreshing tone of pleasant memory in our mouth.

A perfect companion for you to enjoy with your best meals. We show you some ideas of dishes that will allow you to enjoy a perfect combination of flavours.

Pairing with meats

Are you thinking of having a barbecue and don’t know what meat to prepare to show off our Lacrimae Rerum? Here are some tips: The best meats for this type of wine are those with mild flavours and great aftertaste. One option is to prepare chicken meat, soft and juicy to enjoy with a good glass of rosé. Rosé also goes perfectly with smoked meats, making it perfect for a barbecue in company. Try preparing some grilled ribs and if you want, you can even add a mild barbecue sauce that does not kill the aftertaste of rosé wine.


Pairing with fish

Fish is an excellent pairing for the freshest wines and rosé is the best combination for a light and flavourful meal. Our bet in this case is that you opt for white fish, a hake in sauce, a cod in pilpil sauce or a baked sea bream with a little onion and pepper and some baked potatoes.

If you are a sushi lover, you are probably wondering which is the best wine to accompany a Japanese-style dinner. Well, rosé is your perfect choice. If you are one of those who prepare it at home, we give you a piece of advice, uncork your Lacrimae Rerum and enjoy the process of elaboration.

Pairing with starters and desserts

There is no good meal that does not include some good appetizers, and of course, a good dessert. So that you don’t have to change your wine and can continue with your rosé, here are the best combinations.

There is no better way to welcome your guests than a good cheese board with cold meats. If you want to accompany a rosé, the best thing to do is to go for mild flavours. Try a loin of pork with some cheeses such as camembert, brie cheese or goat’s cheese.

In addition, rosé, as it has a sweet touch, usually tones down the flavour of desserts. Go for a chocolate and cream cake, something simpler like crepes or even a fruity dessert like a lemon sponge cake. A real gastronomic experience!

Now that you know all these recipes, you have no excuse to surprise your guests. Get your hands on our Lacrimae Rerum and bring out your culinary side – enjoy! And remember that when you have finished enjoying our rosé, you can reuse the bottle to make a decorative vase or a lamp. Give it a second life!