Enjoying a glass of good wine is one of the greatest pleasures of the day. But if you also accompany it with a delicious dish, then it becomes, without any doubt, our favorite moment. However, we must be careful and know how to pair the flavors correctly to fully enjoy the aromas and tastes of the wine we have chosen. That is why from Barcolobo we give you some ideas to pair our red wine La Rinconada.

La Rinconada, a very special wine

Among all the wines of Bodegas Barcolobo, La Rinconada is undoubtedly one of the favorites. A young wine, aged for 4 months in French and American oak barrels, with two rackings during the moon changes. This careful work and fermentation and Tempranillo grapes of excellent quality make that in our mouth we can taste a careful explosion of flavor.

La Rinconada stands out at first sight thanks to its cherry red color with small bluish tones. But once you taste it, its flavor is unmistakable. This wine has a pleasant presentation in the mouth, serious, but at the same time playful and with an intense finish that allows us to taste the aroma of fresh fruit accompanied by spices, light vanilla and toasted tones.

It is all these qualities that make it an excellent companion for our meals and that is why we show you today three types of dishes with which to taste your next bottle of La Rinconada


Pairing with meats

It is almost a tradition that a red wine accompanies our red meat dishes. But in addition to this tradition, there are some that fit much better than others with the aromas and flavors of La Rinconada.

In this case, from Barcolobo we recommend some specialties such as grilled meat, lamb, chops, suckling pig or sirloin. Another of the most spectacular combinations for this type of wines is the game of feather in its fattier versions such as pheasant, duck or similar. You can also try to make any of these types of meats in the form of stew or casserole.


Pairing with fish

Despite the common belief that marine fish goes best with white wine, there are also options to enjoy these dishes with a good young red wine with fruity touches.

As with feathered game, in the case of fish to pair with a wine like La Rinconada it is best to go for those with more fat such as tuna, sardines or salmon. Try preparing salmon loins with a bed of onion, potato and baked peppers.

Pairing with starters and desserts

Who has not enjoyed a good wine with a cheese or charcuterie board?
In previous occasions, from Barcolobo we have already explained how to differentiate which type of sausage or cheese to pair with each of our wines.

In the case of La Rinconada, the best option in terms of cheese is to go for combinations with cured and semi-cured sheep cheeses. And if you want to add some sausage, one of our most used bets is a good loin.

And if you are one of those who can’t let go of the glass of wine until after the meal, let us tell you that you have a perfect option for dessert: a classic chocolate brownie accompanied by a touch of berries.

Now that you’ve picked up a few ideas, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice. Prepare some of these creations, invite your friends over and enjoy a unique moment with La Rinconada. I’m sure you won’t regret it, enjoy!