If you are a wine lover, especially red wine, you may have come home with a stain on your clothes that reminds you of the great night you had. But even if that stain evokes the funniest anecdote of the whole evening, it doesn’t have to stay on your shirt forever. Here are some little home tricks to remove wine stains from clothes, wine, whether Barcolobo or not, from any fabric: clothes, tablecloth, carpet, etc.

First of all, the most important tip, which is not a trick to use, is to act quickly and without rubbing. The sooner we intervene, the easier it will be to remove the stain. By the same logic, the less we scrub, the less it will spread.

Tricks with homemade elements

There are many household items that can act as stain “cleaners”. The trick, now we use the term “trick”, is to know how to use them correctly. Let’s start!

Salt. Cover the stain with plenty of salt and you will see how the salt begins to absorb the moisture. Once it’s dry, wash the garment as recommended on the label. Milk. Wipe (without rubbing) the stain with a cloth or paper, then pour boiling milk over it. This will help it disappear.
Water. Just water, but boiling water. In this way, the stain will lose strength and may even, if it is not very large, disappear completely.
Talc. Used to absorb moisture, talcum powder acts as a cleaner as well. Once the stain is dry, gently remove it while scraping with a toothbrush.
Lemon. Squeeze the juice from one or two lemons and apply it to the stain. You will see the result. Note! This trick is specially designed for white wine.
White vinegar. To apply this product, it is recommended to rub, but very gently and making outward circles.

Did you find these homemade tricks useful? Did you know any of them? There are other elements such as bleach, white wine (against red wine), hydrogen peroxide (to which we can add liquid detergent or ammonia) and baking soda that also act perfectly to remove stains. But they are less common in all the houses and more complex to execute.