Maridaje Vinos Barcolobo
Maridaje Vino Barcolobo

The arrival of summer is a good time to enjoy long after-hours and try new “harmonies” of wine and gastronomy . So that you can decide with your choice, we leave you some tips to take into account when deciding which wine to take with each meal . It is necessary to find the balance between the two actors in order that both complement each other. Depending on the ingredients and the intensity of their flavors, we can decide which wine goes best.

From BARCOLOBO, we propose different pairings to experiment with meals more palatable during good weather:

  • Cold dishes : it is the first option in which we think with the heat and the alternatives are many. If we speak, for example, of a Russian salad, we recommend a wine with a cask step that does not lose power with the oil and counteracts the cold of this dish. However, options such as salads or seafood, as a rule, should be accompanied by light whites.
  • The Valencian paella, Summer food par excellence, when made with meat, rabbit or ribs, harmonizes perfectly with a rosé wine. The combination of the flavors with a full-bodied rosé such as BARCOLOBO Lacrimae Rerum enhances and intensifies the flavor of this Mediterranean dish. The rosés will also be ideal to accompany dishes such as gazpacho, fresh pasta or pizza.
  • Although in August we opt for lighter dishes, there are always areas where a good spoon dish is not lacking. Depending on the intensity of this we will choose one type of wine or another. If it is a fish soup or a vegetable cream we will opt for a light white but if we talk about more forceful dishes we will opt for reds with wood. BARCOLOBO La Rinconada is ideal to accompany dishes such as fabes with clams or a marmitako.
  • Stews with red meat or game , given the power of flavor they imply, must be accompanied by red wines with aging. These have greater structure which makes them the best option. The same thing happens with roasts (suckling pig or lamb) which, given their high fat content, require wines with wood, tannins and body. The Entrecote grilled with peppers never fails with a wine aging that accentuates the range of aromas in your tasting. BARCOLOBO , with 12 months in barrels and a perfect balance between fruit and wood, it is ideal to combine with this type of meat.
  • The fish fry from the South of Spain harmonizes with a white wine with good acidity. BARCOLOBO Verdejo 2015 , with a very aromatic flavor, varietal and hints of ripe fruit and aromas of fresh grass marinated to perfection with marinades and fish recipes typical of Andalusia.

Despite these basic rules, we recommend that you always trust your own palate. In the end, wine is a matter of personal preferences and tastes, so let yourself be guided by your intuition and dare to experiment with new combinations!