We often hear older people claim that the reason for their longevity is wine. Specifically, they say that red wine is very healthy. A theory spread from generation to generation. But, what is true and false in this statement? From Barcolobo we show you the health benefits of this type of wine.

Cardiovascular diseases

Red wine contains in its composition a series of antioxidants that help to prevent this type of diseases. How? By increasing the amount of “good” cholesterol in the blood, which allows us to eliminate the other forms of cholesterol from our veins and arteries.

Wine is also the best alcoholic beverage for high levels of omega 3 in the blood. This also favours the regulation of cholesterol and also protects against coronary diseases such as hypertension or some heart diseases.

Reduced risk of cancer

Although there are many factors involved in the probability of suffering from these diseases, diet has a clear influence. In the case of wine, several studies have determined the benefits against several types of cancer. Breast, prostate and lung cancer, for example.

With regard to breast cancer, and unlike other alcoholic beverages that are harmful, red wine can be beneficial thanks to the seeds of the grapes. These seeds contain substances that reduce oestrogen levels and increase testosterone levels. This reduces the risk of the disease.  In the case of men, the probability of developing prostate cancer is almost halved. Although the exact reason is not known, it may be related to some substances in this drink, such as flavonoids.

As far as the lungs are concerned, there are several studies that consider that both red and white wine stop the spread of this type of cancer, especially the former. In addition, it is also claimed that white wine can improve lung function.

Skin care

The substances contained in red wine can be, besides being healthy, very beneficial for the care of our skin. On the one hand, the flavonoids that prevent the oxidation of the cells caused by the UVA rays of sun exposure. In addition, resveratrol is the substance in red wine that gives it its anti-ageing properties, as it activates the gene responsible for people’s longevity.

An essential in the diet

We often tend to eliminate alcoholic beverages from our diet when we want to lose weight. But far from what we may think, red wine helps to stimulate the fat burning phase, thus maintaining a balance in the body.  It also works as an excellent sugar regulator, ideal for people with diabetes.

It is very important to bear in mind that for these benefits to be productive, wine consumption must be moderate. No more than one glass of wine a day and preferably during meals so that the counterproductive effect of ethanol is not too direct and raises blood alcohol levels in our organism. An easy way to prove that red wine is healthy.

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