The estate where our vineyards grow and where our winery is located is an authentic landscape beauty that also has many characteristics that facilitate the growth of high quality grapes.

The first of the curiosities of our farm is that it is located in the Natural Reserve “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero”, which makes the care for the flora and fauna present there and the limitation of human activity allows us to contemplate and enjoy the goodness that the land offers us.

And it is precisely the land that is one of the characteristics of our estate.  Our vineyards are born on a sandy and stony soil, characterized by boulders, sand and alluvium, which allows them to keep the humidity and water from the rains in the driest months.

In addition, our farm is located in an area of Castilla y León whose continental climate still has an Atlantic influence. A situation that makes us experience cold winters and summers with very harsh temperatures. Therefore, this climate is one of the main factors for our high quality grapes. These is recogniced  for their concentration thanks to the development of the vines.

In addition to the properties that our estate has for the grapes of Barcolobo wines, La Rinconada has its greatest quality in the beauty of its landscape.  Few wineries can boast of being located within a nature reserve. The La Rinconada estate where our vineyards and wineries are located has qualities that give it an indisputable high landscape value. That is why at Barcolobo we are committed to achieve the total protection of this environment that provides this added value to our wines.

Vineyard with fauna and flora

One of the advantages of this scenic enclave is to be able to enjoy from our wineries the varied fauna that we can find around. Deer, wild boars, and even imperial herons are some of the species we can found there. In addition, all this is decorated with a rich flora in a forest of white poplars, oaks, elms and many other species. A dream space where we get the best raw material with which to produce the wines of Bodegas Barcolobo.