This week we celebrated 8M, International Women’s Day. But we must not forget that this day must always be celebrated. And for that, nothing better than our Lacrimae Rerum wine, to toast our daily achievements, in society and at a private level. This rosé, born in the Finca Rinconada, in the Natural Reserve “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero”, is the empowerment that any woman needs.

Delicate and strong, smooth and fresh; this wine is a perfect simile to the female figure. The result of a manual harvesting process of tempranillo grapes, every detail is taken care of from its collection: it is stored and transformed in small quantities to preserve the raw material, separating the grapes in worse condition. In this way, an ideal wort bleed is obtained.

Its fermentation takes place in French oak barrels for two months. This process results in a spectacular wine, pale pink, bright, with slight floral, violet and pink aromas. The tasting of this wine allows us to appreciate all the nuances on the palate, a harmonious composition between a slight acidity and a touch of freshness.

Lacrimae Rerum features

That flavor with a refreshing touch makes rosé wine one of the best travel companions, on a menu or simply to toast and taste. Among the various pairings of this rosé, its connection with desserts stands out, especially those made with chocolate or fruits such as apples. However, thanks to its softness and lightness, Lacrimae Rerum combines perfectly with not very strong dishes such as salad, fish and seafood, or pasta.

In any case, it is recommended that meals be little seasoned, to give the prominence it deserves to the wine. As a final touch, a tip. If any of these dishes includes a variety of cheese, the pairing will be simply exceptional.

Cheer with and for them, with Barcolobo. With Lacrimae Rerum, every day is women’s day.