There is a real trend towards sustainability in all areas of society: from food to textiles and cosmetics. And little by little, we are seeing progress in this regard. Have you ever imagined makeup made from an edible product? In this post we talk about cosmetics with grapes.

Because when it comes to utilization, grapes are the most versatile product on the planet. In addition to being the basis of wine and a very succulent fruit, its composition gives it unique antioxidant properties.


Cosmetics with grapes

Different procedures are followed to achieve cosmetics from grapes. In fact, it is worth noting that there are already different brands that market these beauty products and that each of them has a different option. You can take isolated molecules from the grape, you can use natural extracts, seeds, or even work with the lees (material from the practice of wine-making). battonage).

The objective is to get the most out of the fruit. And, as we mentioned before, it focuses on enhancing the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the product. Where do we find these molecules? Well, in the grape residues themselves. By combining these organisms in a natural cosmetic product, we manage to prevent skin oxidation, among other functions.

It is important to emphasize the idea that you get a cream or other natural makeup, because this completes the idea of sustainability. Not only to be able to make the most of a product, but also to avoid major chemical processes or testing on animals. Always focused on the ‘conscious beauty’ movement to achieve a real brand that enacts with today’s needs.


Grape properties

Throughout this procedure with grapes, new conclusions have also been reached about their nutritional composition. In fact, it has been discovered that it can be used as a nutraceutical, that is, to reduce cholesterol through its biological part. This point deviates from the cosmetic theme, but it is an indicator that the grape, in this case, has much more potential than previously thought, both on the obvious side and in its “leftovers”.

For Barcolobo, the potential of the grape is evident in our wines. Although it will always be a good idea to make the most of this fantastic fruit.