Do you know what cheese to pair our wines with? A wine is the perfect combination for any kind of food. But if there is a product with which we always want a glass, that is cheese. The variety of this dairy product is practically infinite and its flavors are very varied. From Barcolobo we tell you the best cheeses with which you can enjoy a glass of each of our exquisite wines.

Cheeses for El Jaral

Among the aromas that can be perceived in this wine are sweet spices, ripe fruit and balsamic notes. That is why it is one of the best wines to pair with blue cheese. Also with long cured cheeses. That is why our two bets if we had to prepare an appetizer with this wine would be a good Asturian Cabrales cheese or a cured or semi-cured Manchego cheese par excellence.

Cheeses for La Rinconada

This red tempranillo grape with aromas of red fruits, lactic and cocoa is ideal to accompany a soft cheese of flexible but dense paste. In this variety we can find some internationally recognized cheeses such as Comté or Gouda. But we will certainly stay with the delicious Spanish sheep cheeses such as Torta del Casar.

Cheeses for the Victoria

This is a very aromatic wine with hints of red fruits and spices and balsamic notes. In addition, it has a very persistent and fruity memory that gives it a unique touch. That is why when we think of a cheese for this wine we prefer soft cheeses such as Cantabrian cheeses.

Cheeses for Lacrimae Rerum

Our rosé is one of the best options to combine with cheese. Its floral aromas with a refreshing sensation in the mouth, make us taste tasty cheeses easily perceiving the combination of both flavors in our mouth. This makes rosé always a good ally for a cheese platter. Among the most recommended are cheeses such as camembert or brie. But especially goat cheese

Cheeses for our Verdejo

In general, Verdejo white wine usually pairs excellently with mild flavors, such as, for example, white fish. Therefore, when looking for a cheese that can be perfectly matched with a glass of our excellent Verdejo, we must take this concept into account. Our verdejo, thanks to its aroma with slight hints of ripe fruit and aromas of fresh grass, causes an unctuous sensation of wine in the mouth, sapid and with good acidity. Perfect to pair with some of the delicious soft and fresh cheeses of Spanish gastronomy. A fresh cheese from Burgos, Villalón cheese or the iconic Galician tetilla cheese are some of the most used options.

Now that you know which cheeses to pair with each of our wines, it is time to prepare a small appetizer at home to surprise your guests with your new knowledge. Barcolobo provides the wine!