It has its place in the calendar, although in reality, Father’s Day is 365 evenings and nights a year. March 19th is just a (good) excuse to toast with them, and for them. And what better way to do it than with a glass of Barcolobo.

If the current situation is teaching us anything, it is that we always have reasons to celebrate. Being together as a family, having a roof over our heads, being healthy; those little things that perhaps we didn’t value before. So let’s not delay any longer. It’s time to uncork that bottle of Barcolobo that was saved for a special occasion and savour every last nuance. Our parents deserve the best. And this humble Spanish winery is delighted to offer it to them.

Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon. Also Verdejo. Different varieties of wine, exquisite, the result of the care taken in its production process and its unbeatable location. Finca La Rinconada, which houses both the vineyards and the Barcolobo winery, is located on the banks of the Duero River, in the “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” Nature Reserve.

This very special place is home to a long tradition of agriculture, livestock and hunting. It is, therefore, an exceptional habitat for species such as the purple heron, deer, wild boar, harriers and countless other animals.

With an unmistakable aroma and unique flavour, Barcolobo wines are a great choice to surprise our dear dads on this special day. Don’t hesitate! And cheers with one of our spectacular wines to celebrate Father’s Day!