We are very proud of our wines! There are many awards that Barcolobo has received since 2015, placing in the top 100 of the best wines of Spain. Merit of a family dream that began in 2001.

Since we rehabilitated an old grain warehouse into what is our current winery, wine has been the drink of choice every day. All our bottles offer unique and different pleasures to your palate.

La Rinconada estate, among its huge vineyards, gives us a pleasant experience. Being present in this scenery of wine and nature has no equal. It is an extraordinary place nestled within a nature reserve, with a great wealth of wildlife. There are 189 species of birds, 24 mammals, 10 reptiles, 5 amphibians and 9 fish.

In the course of the Douro River you can appreciate a wide vegetation. You will pass among white poplars, black poplars, willows, stone pines, oaks, elms, and even plants such as thyme, lavender and bulrushes.

Our wines and their awards

Currently our winery offers five prestigious wines. Three reds, La Rinconada 2018, Victoria 2016 and El Jaral 2016; one white, Verdejo 2020; and one rosé, Lacrimae Rerum 2019. The latter was our winery’s most laureate, receiving the gold medal (with 96 points) at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020.

For its part, the world’s most comprehensive Spanish wine handbook, the Peñín Guide, tasted more than 10,500 wines last year. The scores for Barcolobo wines have filled us with immense gratitude and joy. Our red El Jaral 2015 was the highest rated (94 points); followed by Victoria 2015, with 91 points; the Verdejo 2019 and La Rinconada 2018 (5 stars), both obtained 90 points; and finally our Lacrimae Rerum 2019, with 88 points.

According to the intervals in which the scores are divided, 4 of our wines present “values similar to the exceptional wines, but with less intensity and nuances” (from 90 to 94 points). While the Lacrimae Rerum “highlights nuances of its type and wine region” (85 to 89 points) We are looking forward to the publication of the Peñín Guide 2022!

We cannot fail to mention the wine and spirits guide, WineUp, noted for its blind tasting. This allows for greater objectivity in the results, without the influence of commercial brands in the assessment and regardless of their origin.

In its 17th edition, published in April 2021, WineUp evaluated more than 1,250 wines. Within the top 100 of the best in Spain is our red wine El Jaral, 2016 vintage. Made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo grapes, it obtained 93.15 points!

For its part, the Zarcillo awards, valued our red wine La Victoria 2014 with the “Zarcillo de oro” award. This competition is part of the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits Competitions (VinoFED), being one of the most prestigious nationally.

We offer quality from the harvests

Our winemaker, Ramiro Carbajo, as well as the entire team of growers, viticulturists and harvesters ensure that the grapes are harvested at the optimum time of the berry. This is done according to the desired style of wine.

The grape harvest is the most important moment in the elaboration of a wine. Therefore, once the date is decided, we begin to prepare the winery and sanitize all the equipment that will be in contact with the fruit.

We harvest the grapes first thing in the morning so that the grape skins are harder and more resistant to breakage, thanks to the cold. In addition, we try to minimize the transport time between the vineyard and the winery to avoid fermentation and oxidation.

These and many other factors make our wines unparalleled alcoholic substances. We are grateful for the wines awards to those we have mentioned above, as well as to other recognized awards and wine guides of Spain and the world.

Do you know which are all the recognitions our wines have obtained? Barcolobo in the top 100 of the best wines in Spain! click here!

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