This March 19 do not worry about what to give your father, give Barcolobo wine as a gift and he will be your indisputable certainty. We have the best way to offer love, care and taste in the same product. Wines are the safe bet to succeed with your gift and in Barcolobo we have them of the best quality.

Why give Barcolobo wines as a gift?

Barcolobo is synonymous of tradition, teachings that pass from generation to generation. A perfect paternal-filial value for this celebration. In addition, our wines are made with great care and passion. Paying attention to the growth of the vines, taking care of every detail to achieve the best results. A perfect simile with the upbringing of a child, in which you take care of every stage to raise and educate in the best possible way for when they reach adulthood.

Finally, giving a wine as a gift is not only a material product, it is an excuse to find another day to share father and son moments and an experience of which your father will not forget for a long time.

In addition, with Barcolobo wines you are giving the gift of quality, a product that is cared for from the cultivation of the first vine to the transport of the product. Something that is reflected in the delicious taste of each of our wines.

Which Barcolobo wine should I give dad as a gift?

Any of the wines from our winery is perfect to give as a gift on this special day. But this year, we opted for two recommendations: our beloved Jaral and the delicious red wine from La Rinconada.

Jaral is one of those wines that once you taste it for the first time you will not forget the taste for a long time.  Made with grapes of different varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo that are selected both in the harvest and in the winery. After a pre-fermentation maceration of 4 days and another alcoholic fermentation of 12 days, this wine is fermented in new French oak barrels for 20 months and then waits another 24 months in the bottle before being marketed.

All this process results in a red wine almost black at times with an intense touch of ripe fruit and subtle aromas of wood, toffee and balsamic with a mineral finish. A wine that in body is sweet with well integrated wood, good taste and better aftertaste. A natural little treat that we can enjoy sip by sip.

Wines of high quality and elaboration

Our La Rinconada red wine is made entirely from Tempranillo grapes. After selection, destemming, maceration for 6 days and alcoholic fermentation for another 17 days, this wine undergoes maolactic fermentation in French and American oak barrels for 4 months.

Thus, we obtain a cherry red wine with blue tones. A wine with aromas of fresh fruit accompanied by spices, light vanilla and toasted tones that in the mouth is pleasant, serious, but playful and with an intense and pleasant finish.

It should be noted that everything depends on the tastes of the lucky person and therefore if the red wine is not your favorite you can always count on our delicious Verdejo and even our refreshing Lacrimae Rerum Rosado.

Whatever their tastes, Barcolobo becomes your best ally to celebrate a date as special as Father’s Day. Give Barcalobo wine as a gift!