Every great project has a great story behind it. And Barcolobo’s could not be less so. The beginning of this winery dates back to 1920: “It was an estate located in Castronuño, where Malvasía vines were planted”, says Carolina Isidro, manager of Barcolobo. And she explains: “But then, due to a series of pests, the vineyards were ruined and the planting stopped”.

That could have remained there, and now it was a forgotten land. But in 1971, the Isidro family decided to acquire the estate with the sole intention of having this common space for everyone. It was some time before they embarked on the Barcolobo project. “It was about 17 years ago when it was decided to take up the subject of the wines on the estate again. After all, they were already there”, Isidro tells us.

And so Barcolobo was born, as a family project. “Behind the brand is my whole family, taking into account that my father has ten siblings, and now there are more cousins and children of cousins. A lot”, the winery manager tells us. However, she clarifies that the project is a common one: “It is a family estate that we all run together. The whole Isidro family”.

Finca La Rinconada

But… which estate is it? Finca La Rinconada. “It is in Castronuño, near Toro. But instead of belonging to Zamora, it belongs to Valladolid”, says Carolina Isidro. This estate, acquired by the Isidro family in 1971, is in the “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” Nature Reserve, a privileged environment. “We have the estate as a family home. But there is also a hunting operation in the complex”, the winemaker points out.

Finca La Rinconada also extends next to the Duero River, another unbeatable plus. This geographical feature “offers beautiful walks in the area”, says Isidro. The area is therefore an exceptional habitat that brings together many birds and animals that can only be found in nature reserves, as well as a wealth of fauna.