With the arrival of the new year, we all draw up our list of resolutions; those goals and objectives that we procrastinate day after day, to which we look for excuses, and that we finally leave for every January. Yes, yes, those good intentions that are repeated every year: learn a language, travel more (which this time could not be due to the Covid-19 pandemic) or start exercising.

The practice of sport is directly related to our health, as is the intention to eat better and more balanced. If you want to start 2022 in a healthier way, don’t forget to include in your diet a daily glass of wine. Don’t you believe it? Attention because we are going to tell you the many benefits of drinking a little bit of wine every day.

Benefits of a daily glass of wine

Although it is true that at no time can be presented as a therapeutic method, wine has favorable effects. One of the most remarkable is that it can be highlighted for its antioxidant effect on the organism, for example. Its polyphenol compound – especially red grapes – helps to reduce fats and cholesterol. Likewise, another of its “ingredients”, resveratrol, helps to slow down aging.

These are just some of the benefits of drinking wine on a daily basis. Of course, always in moderation, since exceeding alcohol intake can never be healthy. In addition, it should always be combined with physical activity, obviously.

From Barcolobo we are not going to propose you to drink a glass of wine every day. You can drink as many as you want, or leave it for the weekend or for some occasion. What we are going to propose is that whenever you decide to toast, you do it with a glass of Barcolobo. Red, rosé, or Verdejo; different grape varieties such as Tempranillo or Cabernet Sauvignon. Because its quality, maturity and taste in the mouth do not disappoint. All our options will be your best ally for those moments you want to remember forever. Here’s to a 2022 full of toasts!