Undoubtedly the technology advances as a support tool in all sectors, and in ours, that of the wine , it would not be less. An endless number of applications make their way to help us choose the best wine according to our tastes and preferences. Vivino is one of these applications and we have been one of the first wineries chosen for the launch of its new service of private sale of great wines at exclusive prices for its users.

A very aggressive campaign at very competitive prices that has allowed us to get to know our target audience and position ourselves among the users of one of the most recognized wine applications. In addition, through the comments of users, we can see your opinion, which will help us improve and better understand the tastes and preferences of our final consumer. All with the aim of continuing to improve and striving to offer you the best wines.

Vivino is an application aimed at wine lovers, whether they are beginners, amateurs or professionals, which allows you to discover new wines and keep track of those already tasted. The free application for iOS and Android allows users to take photos of wine labels and, using image recognition technology, compares them with a database of more than 9 million wines. Internationally, Vivino already has more than 18 million users who can interact and share their experiences. Vivino is the most downloaded application of drinks and food in the App Store and Google Play.



If you are one of those who considers that choosing a wine for a certain moment can be complicated, we recommend, in addition to Vivino, some applications that will be of great help to you:

  • Hello Vino – Has not ever happened to you before a bookcase full of wines without knowing which one to choose? For this reason Hello Vino is born, to function as your personal assistant. They are defined as the application for non-wine experts and depending on different factors they recommend one or the other option. Do you prefer a specific variety? What are you going to eat.


  • Wine Notes – As its name tells us, it allows us to make notes about the wines we are testing and generate our own database. In addition, we can create our blacklist, we hope we are not here! We like it because of the possibility it offers you to control the stock of your own winery and its easy to share your comments through email or social networks.


  • Wine Secretary – It helps you find the best wines as well as keep track of those you’ve already tasted.


  • Wine Dictionay – If you want to learn more about the world of wine, you can not miss this application. Yes, it’s only in English and if it’s about learning theory and vocabulary and you do not speak this language it will not be very useful.


  • Guía Repsol Vinos – It has a database of about 1500 wines from Spanish wineries. Each card contains the basic information about the wine, its tasting, approximate price, suggestion of pairing, as well as a rating in the guide. Highly recommended to know better the wines and wineries of our geography.


And you, which one do you recommend?