Barcolobo 2012

Introducing the new image of our BARCOLOBO aging wine !

We take advantage of the arrival to the market of the 2012 vintage to present it to you. A label with which we want to reflect the essence and personality of our premium wine.

Made with tempranillo (70%), cabernet sauvignon (10%) and syrah (20%) varieties BARCOLOBO 2012 presents a maroon color with violet borders. The nose is very fruity, with notes of spices, black berries and very aromatic undergrowth. The palate is round, with the balance between fruit and wood that characterizes the wines of the winery. Nice and long finish.

The grapes used to make BARCOLOBO 2012 come from a 20-hectare vineyard located in Finca La Rinconada, in the “Riberas” Nature Reserve of Castronuño-Vega del Duero “in Valladolid.

The harvest of this wine was carried out in early October 2012 manually in small boxes. Thus breakage mimas, moving into a cooling chamber in which the temperature at 3°C is lowered in order to prevent oxidation and facilitate further processing avoided, allowing for greater extraction of varietal aromas, colors and noble tannins.

Barcolobo 2012 has 12 months aging in French oak barrels of fine grain and medium roast.

Being a wine with body and flavor, it is perfect to accompany it with red meat or to enjoy a good barbecue. It also harmonizes perfectly with game meats, stews and sausages.

Many industry experts who have reviewed this vintage, as Andrés Sánchez Magro in his column in the newspaper Reason The Decanter wine or Bodeboca among others.

Like the rest of our wines, BARCOLOBO 2012 is made following sustainable criteria in viticulture and being environmentally responsible.