Series and movies are, thanks to digital platforms, the great entertainment of our free time: while we eat, after work or on the weekend accompanied by a good bowl of popcorn and our favorite person next to us. bowl of popcorn and our favorite person next to us. The topics are very varied -or not so varied-, since the industry knows what it likes and repeats and squeezes it to the maximum. Among our list of favorites, as it could not be otherwise, are those that talk about wine and wineries. Here is Barcolobo’s selection.

Movies for wine lovers

El verano que vivimos (2020). Starring Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey (and where their love story began), this film tells the story of a journalist whose curiosity and passion for research lead her from a small Galician coastal town to travel to different parts of the Spanish geography. Her main mission is to decipher a love story that, as it could not be otherwise, has a key element: wine.

The story, set in the summer of 1958, takes place in Cadiz, in a vineyard in Jerez de la Frontera; specifically, in the Gónzalez Byass winery.

Chained (1946). A work of the great Alfred Hitchcock, suspense and intrigue are the main spice of this thriller set during the Second World War (1939-1945). The protagonists, a couple of American spies, a Nazi German and an intriguing bottle of wine that holds something more than this delicacy.

Mondovino (2004). In this case it is not a feature film, but a documentary that reflects the problems and conflicts of the wine industry: from standardization to the struggle between the power centers – Europe vs. the United States -.

Marcelino Pan y Vino (1954). A drama that depicts the poverty suffered by Spain after the war, and tells the story of an orphan boy who is taken into a Franciscan convent and his greatest companion is a crucified Christ found in the attic, with whom he talks, shares his longings and also the food (bread and wine) found in the kitchen. It is one of the great critical successes of Spanish cinema.

Blood and Wine (1996). Starring Jack Nicholson, and with such interesting appearances as Jennifer Lopez, the film tells the life of a wine merchant who supplies most of the millionaires in an important Miami neighborhood. One of his clients has a priceless diamond necklace that he decides to steal along with the victim’s maid and they begin a journey full of surprises.

These are just some of the films that have wine as a context or even as a protagonist: feature films and documentaries; dramas, love and suspense; all this and much more around this delicious product. Coming soon, a new topic with five more films.