Wine is one of the best products we have in Spain. And in this dynamic of gastronomic fusion, of combining new products, of experimenting with unique flavours… why not make cocktails with wine? Of course, always with Barcolobo. These proposals go beyond summer red wine or sangria. Get ready!

Cocktails with rosé wine

  • Black Rose. We start with a particular version of the margarita, made with our rosé, Lacrimae Rerum. The fresh, acidic and slightly spicy touches of lime, blackberry and vodka will stand out in this cocktail. Do you dare to try it?

Cocktails with red wine

  • Queen Charlotte. The time has come to introduce red wines, in this case La Rinconada. In this case we will accompany it with grenadine and lemon-lime soda, and ice, of course!


  • Cabernet Caipirinha. If there is a flagship wine in our winery, it is Victoria. To enhance its flavour, we propose a cocktail that brings out its Cabernet Sauvignon notes. We’ll make it with blackberries, limes, lime juice, orange juice and cranberry juice, as well as some slices of these citrus fruits! An explosion of flavours that will make you fall in love.


  • Gaucho. This cocktail is perhaps the most innovative, combining very different ingredients. Take note! Our most premium wine, El Jaral, accompanied by aged tequila, bitter coffee, mezcal liqueur, combier liqueur, cynar liqueur and… orange peel. That’s the proposal.


Cocktails with white wine

  • Kir Royal. Finally, we experimented with our verdejo white to make a refreshing cocktail. With any fruit with an acidic touch – berries, strawberries, blueberries – you will quench your summer thirst these months.

What do you think about the cocktails we suggest with Barcolobo wines? Obviously, drinking them individually, without mixing them with any other ingredient, you will taste all their nuances. But… in summer, who doesn’t fancy a cool drink with crushed ice? Come and try them!