We know that the best thing is always going to be the wine, but Barcolobo bottles have more uses than just carrying this delicious wine. With the good weather the “Do it yourself” concept comes to life more than ever. Our creative side comes to light to decorate gardens, terraces, balconies, etc, with our own hands. Besides, if there is a wine that you opened to celebrate a special occasion, reuse that bottle would be a good way to keep that memory. That’s why we bring you 3 ideas to make the most of bottles and transport you to the iconic world of wine.


A wine bottle can become a perfect lamp for any room. The glass makes them ideal for expanding the light and giving a warm and cosy atmosphere. One example is the insertion of a strip of LED bulbs running the length of the bottle. The possibilities are many as you can play with the interesting shapes and intense colours of the bottles. Easy and economical, you will get an original and unique lamp to surprise your guests.

Candle holder

A wine bottle can be the perfect substitute for any candle holder. Simply insert a cylindrical candle in the mouth of the bottle and let the wax slide little by little down the walls of the bottle so that it decorates itself.


If you have a garden, you will know first hand that buying the materials can be quite expensive, so looking for alternatives is becoming the bread and butter of flower lovers.

Wine bottles can make a great vase. Forget about buying big and heavy pots, a wine bottle does the same job and will decorate your living room much more.

Get to work and start getting creative! A unique and original way to reuse your empty wine bottles.