This spring we are rediscovering our Verdejo through its new vintage 2021. But… Did you know which are the best recipes to pair with this excellent wine?  We tell you below the best recipes for pairing our Verdejo.

Barcolobo Verdejo not only stands out for its incredible bright, intense and bright green color but also for its subtle aromas of fennel and ripe fruit that are masked by a faint aroma of wood. All this produces a smooth, fresh mouthfeel with just the right amount of acidity and a heady finish. A flavor that undoubtedly enraptures everyone who tastes it.

In order to taste it in the most efficient way, it is advisable to serve it at a temperature of about 8 ºC in a wide glass so that it can express all its aromas.  However, when accompanying it, we must be careful about which foods to use as they can kill its flavor and in this way we would be wasting such an exquisite wine. From Barcolobo we tell you some ideas that never fail for our Verdejo, such as oriental food, rice, soft meats, foie gras or seafood. We tell you three perfect ideas for your meals this spring

Seafood Salpicon

This recipe has everything it takes to be one of the great stars of both spring and summer. You can leave it prepared, it is refreshing, tasty and very easy to make. It has it all. For its preparation you will only need the following ingredients:  Mussels, prawns, octopus legs, tomato, green bell pepper, spring onion, vinegar, oil and salt.

From there you will only have to add each ingredient to your taste in pieces. You can serve them in a bowl or even plate them in small cylindrical shapes if you want to surprise at a special meal.  Let it cool in the refrigerator and dress it when you are going to taste it. It will surely surprise you

Foie appetizers

Foie is perfect for making small appetizers with our verdejo pairing recipes. An explosion of flavor in small bites that will not leave anyone indifferent.  One of the easiest and quickest to prepare are the foie bonbons. You will only need 200g of foie de micuit and prepare it in approximately 6 spheres with the help of a pastry bag.  In a small dish, cover the surface with almond crunch and pass the balls over the top so that they stick completely to the surface.

Chicken breasts with foie

There is nothing more delicious than combining juicy chicken breasts with the aforementioned successful foie gras. That’s why this recipe is simply spectacular and a perfect idea to surprise at your meals.  It will be enough to prepare the chicken breasts, and for each one of them use 25g of foie, you will also need an egg for each 3 breasts and half a lemon, bread crumbs and liquid cream for cooking.

For the preparation process, we will open the breasts in what is known as book format and in the middle we will put the foie and then close them and macerate them with the lemon. Then we will coat them in breadcrumbs and fry them in oil.

On the other hand, we will prepare the sauce with liquid cream, salt, pepper and a little foie in a pot with heat. When it has the desired thickness, remove it and serve it at the table to accompany the chicken.  A perfect dish that you can not refuse with a glass of our delicious Verdejo Barcolobo.

Surely these recipes will save you more than one meal. Whatever your favorite is, what we have for sure is that this spring we can not miss a good meal in the sun accompanied by our beloved Verdejo.