The arrival of May is just around the corner, an important month because it contains one of the most special dates in our calendar. The first Sunday of May, the day in which we honor the most important person in the world: our mother! and that means that we have to prepare our Mother’s Day gift.

At Barcolobo we know the importance of finding the perfect option, especially when it comes to mom. That is why our wines, made with dedication, care and patience are a sure hit and make this Sunday a unique day.

Why choose Barcolobo?

At Barcolobo we know the importance of finding the perfect choice, especially when it comes to mom. Barcolobo is synonymous with tradition, teachings that are passed down from generation to generation. A perfect maternal-filial value for this celebration. In addition, our wines are made with the utmost care and passion. Paying attention to the growth of the vines, taking care of every detail to achieve the best results. A perfect simile with the upbringing of a child, in which you take care of every stage to raise and educate in the best possible way.

Toasting is one of the best things in life: you toast when you are in good company and in a pleasant moment. There is joy, optimism, something to celebrate. Therefore, Barcolobo becomes your best ally to celebrate and toast to a date as special as Mother’s Day.

Coming from Finca La Rinconada, in the middle of the natural reserve of “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” in Barcolobo wineries we have a wide range of wines of great excellence that will be your perfect gifts for these dates.

In addition, with Barcolobo wines you are giving the gift of quality, a product cared for from the cultivation of the first vine to the transport of the product. Something that is reflected in the delicious taste of each of our wines. But if we have to choose one and recommend it as a gift for your mother, we would choose our rosé, the Lacrimae Rerum.

Lacrimae Rerum

Lacrimae Rerum 2020 is undoubtedly the cornerstone of your gifts. This delicious rosé is made from Tempranillo grapes through must bleeding. Its process results in a spectacular wine of bright pale pink tone with floral, violet and pink aromas that in the mouth comes off with a refreshing sensation. In addition, its original bottle makes it one of our favorite options to give as a gift at any time.
For the Barcolobo family rosé, the ideal serving temperature is estimated to be 8ºC. This wine is an ideal choice to accompany rice dishes, a good Italian pasta dish, a salad or appetizers. The ideal way to taste all the goodness of this rosé is to use a wide glass, but with a narrow mouth.

This May 1st do not worry about what to give to mom, Barcolobo wine is the perfect option to gift mum. We have the best way to offer love, care and taste in the same product. Wines are the safe bet to succeed with your gift and in Barcolobo we have them of the best quality.

A meeting, a good wine, something to celebrate and something to toast for. This Mother’s Day give wine and toast with Barcolobo!