Enjoying a good wine is a true sensory experience that involves not only taste and smell but also the sense of sight. Beyond white, red or rosé, each type of wine has different shades depending on the way it is made or the type of grape used. Just by paying attention to this aspect we can get a lot of information about the wine we are about to taste.


The colors of white wine

The first thing to know is that the color of a white wine depends mainly on the amount of contact the must has with the grape skins during fermentation. Therefore, color can also help us to identify whether a white wine is young or aged. Thus, they can range from a greenish straw color to an almost amber tone, passing through all types of yellows, from the palest to the most intense or golden.


The colors of red wine

In the case of red wine, we can also observe different tonalities in its color scale. One of the conditions for these colors is the grape variety chosen, since the thicker the skin, the more intense the color will be due to the antonians. In this case, they can range from a more purplish tone to a more russet or auburn.

As with white wine, this tone can give us information about the age of the wine, since the younger it is, the more violet it will look, while as the years go by, the color will turn to more brownish or garnet tones. For example, a garnet-colored wine is usually aged for no more than 3 years, while mahogany-colored wines are aged for a longer period of time.


The colors of rosé wine

In rosé wine, the type of grape is the big differential when it comes to the color of the wine. Thus, tempranillo or garnacha grapes get a more intense color while others such as merlot or pinot noir get a much more pastel pink tone. In addition, the color of the rosé can also indicate some of the aromas and flavors that we can find at the time of tasting. Our lacrimae Rerum is characterized for example by an intense acid strawberry pink color, fruit of the Tempranillo grapes from which it is made.

In addition, beyond hue, we can pay attention to other visual parameters such as intensity or brightness. Now it is time for you to enjoy a good white wine like our Verdejo 2022 and pay attention to what you have learned. Chin chin chin!