In the world of salads, not always everything goes. Some people are capable of mixing all kinds of ingredients in the same dish and dressing it with the classic mix: oil, salt and vinegar. However, there is another branch of diners who do not like this “hodgepodge” and look for the products that combine the best with each other.

Therefore, in this new recipe book, we propose a couple of selected salads where the main ingredient is the grape. Do you dare?


Salad with grapes and cheese

It is, possibly, one of the pairings that works best: grapes and cheese. Therefore, our first proposal could not miss this mixture of flavors.

For this, we will use assorted lettuce (125gr.), fresh cheese (100gr), white grapes (15-20), walnuts (6-8 units, peeled) and the basic dressing of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), vinegar and salt.

Dried fruit has also always worked very well in salads in general, and with these ingredients in particular. If you do not have nuts, either because you do not like them or because you are allergic to them, you can substitute them with cashews, chestnuts or even pistachios.

In a further twist on this simple dish, we can focus on the cheese and the many types that exist. Fresh cheese is the typical cheese for salads, given its softness and creaminess; but there are those who prefer stronger flavors to contrast with, such as cured cheese or blue cheese.


Salad with grapes and much more

We had already warned that these combinations of ingredients for salads would be very select, looking for the products that best combine with each other. But in addition to the trio of grapes, cheese and nuts, there are other foods that could work just fine.

This is the case of: the apple, which brings an extra sweetness to the dish; the avocado, giving creaminess and uniformity to the salad; or the onion, always sweet, to give that crunchy touch.

These three proposals are optional to add to the first base. But, needless to say, the dish formed by the combination of these six foods is the salad of the summer: light, tasty, very nutritious and, above all, easy and quick to prepare.

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