For Barcolobo, as for any winery, the grape is the main element of its production: to know its degree and weight in order to determine the quality of its wine. However, this super product also accompanies us to the table in other states, which can be liquid, as part of an ajoblanco for example, or solid, as fruit or as an accompaniment to the dish we bring you today: the authentic migas del pastor (shepherd’s breadcrumbs). Look out for the recipe!


Migas del Pastor

It is a traditional dish, authentic shepherd’s food, made with just a couple of ingredients: bread, garlic, water and salt. From there, we can add other products that will enrich our dish, resulting in a hearty migas del pastor.

For a total of 8 diners, we will take 500g. of diced stale bread, 250ml. of salted water, a head of garlic (5 cloves), 200ml. of olive oil, 3 fresh chorizos, 6 strips of pancetta and 4 choricero peppers (dried). And, of course, a few bunches of white grapes, about 400gr., which is the hallmark of the Manchego version of migas.


Step by step

We start with the main product – the bread – and the most important step – soaking them in water -. To do this, we spread them out on a cloth, and with a spoon, we move them around while we soak them evenly with salt water. This step is crucial to avoid having toasted bread. Let’s go ahead!

Afterwards, wrap them in the same cloth for a couple of hours (2-3), and turn them continuously so that the moisture is distributed.

Next, we start with the meat. Chop the chorizo and the bacon and fry them in a pan with olive oil until they have released their juices. Approximately 10 minutes over medium heat. Remove to a plate to drain on a piece of paper. Fry the dried peppers too, and leave them in the same dish with the meat.

The time has come to prepare the migas. So we take a large frying pan and pour in new olive oil, mixing it with the oil from the previous frying (about 15 millilitres). Add the garlic with a slit at the ends and fry until golden brown. Then remove and the oil is ready to pour over the bread. Start mixing with the oil and stirring until they are loose and golden brown.

Now it’s time to add all the previous ingredients, the meat and the chorizo pepper, and that’s it. Tradition dictates eating from the frying pan, but it can be served perfectly well on individual plates. Now, as is typical of La Mancha cuisine, some white grapes are added.

The dish has many more versions and there are those who also prepare a fried egg, add melon, or even later, without meat pieces, add milk, in what is known as “migas canas”. What hunger!

Stay tuned to our blog, and to the following recipes with grapes that we will be bringing you in the coming months. And never forget to pair it with your favourite Barcolobo. In this case, a red wine like Victoria.


Picture: Instagram @masfoody