The family origins of the Barcolobo winery have been mentioned many times, and some clues have been left behind. Since 1971, the year in which the Isidro family acquired the La Rinconada estate with its vineyard, every step has been agreed upon by each and every one of them, including the decision to market the wine production twenty years ago.

And yes, you know the dates that mark their history, and you may even know some of them. But, it is almost impossible for you to know the story behind each of these bottles. In fact, does anyone know why one of their flagship wines is called Victoria? Keep reading to find out!

In the name of victory

Victory means, according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE), “the fact of winning in a competition or fight”. It is also used as an expression in the same context, joy at having beaten one’s opponent in a game or bet. Therefore, this indicates that the word victory relates to a person or object that succeeds.

Based on this definition, we could think that Barcolobo Victoria Wine was so named because it was already destined to be a winner, a sales record against other wines with similar features.

But no, far from vanity and sounding too pretentious, this drink was named Victoria as a tribute to the grandmother of the current CEO of the winery, Carolina Isidro. A strong woman, as much as the French oak, complex and consistent; hints that could well remind us of the tasting of the last harvest of this wine, the Victoria 2017.

It is a product with an intense colour, a beautiful purplish colour with a garnet rim. On the nose, aromas of ripe fruit with notes of undergrowth, thyme and liquorice. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and tasty, with a long aftertaste and easy to drink.