It may sound very pretentious. But nothing could be further from the truth. Drinking a glass of Barcolobo is an experience, a true awakening for all our senses. So, if you want to surprise mom with an original gift that works, here’s not one but a three ideas you’re going to love.


Barcolobo wines for Mother’s Day

The Barcolobo winery has a total of five exquisite wines. All of them, made and aged in one of the most spectacular natural settings of our country: in Finca La Rinconada, in the heart of the Natural Reserve of “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero”.

However, only 3 of them are currently available. La Rinconada and El Verdejo are in production.


  • VICTORIA. This is the winery’s flagship wine. This Barcolobo, now in its 2017 vintage, is made from Tempranillo (70%), Syrah (20%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) varietals. The proposed tasting seeks the pairing with a good grilled meat; although it also combines perfectly with a good board of cured cheeses.


Intense in color, Victoria has an aroma of ripe fruit with notes of underbrush, but also hints of licorice and thyme. In the mouth, it becomes a tasty wine, with a firm pace.

  • LACRIMAE RERUM. This is the Barcolobo winery’s rosé. From the 2021 vintage, this wine is ideal for pairing with any menu: meat or fish, salads or pasta, cold meats or dairy products; everything is welcome. Its lollipop flavor, due to the 100% Tempranillo varietals and the entire winemaking process, allows for these combinations.


Specifically, this process focuses on alcoholic fermentation at 11.5C and aging in very fine-grained, medium-toasted French oak barrels of various uses (225L). Thus we get a strawberry-colored wine, quite clean and bright, where we find hints of almond and a fresh acidity taste.


  • EL JARAL. This is Barcolobo’s top of the range wine. Like the Victoria, it is made with the same varietals: Syrah, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. And it also belongs to the 2017 vintage. The pairing proposal focuses on a piece of meat, but in this case on a game variety such as deer, as it presents more intense touches of ripe fruit.


El Jaral is a clean, bright wine with intense hints of ripe fruit and subtle woody notes in the bouquet. Strong red in color, sometimes black, each sip is a natural treat in our mouth.