If we think of the combination “Wine and Christmas”, everyone imagines a family dressed in their best clothes, around a table decorated with table linen and cutlery reserved for this occasion, and with a wine presiding in the center. Although it is possible that this concept occurs only in Spain, where wine becomes the best ally of a family or a group of friends, who share anecdotes, laughter and the occasional tear.


To talk about wine and Christmas in the rest of Europe is to talk about Glühwein, the spiced mulled wine typical of European Christmas markets, especially in Germany, known as Weihnachtsmärket. Glühwein is an alcoholic beverage, in this case red wine, to which sugar, orange and some spices, e.g. bay leaf, cloves, star anise and ground nutmeg, are added and boiled. It is, as can be deduced from its ingredients, a totally different product to our glass of red at Christmas lunch.


But, changing the prism and focusing again on the German country, the Glühwein is usually taken mainly in the street, walking, touring the markets, seeing the lights of the city and doing Christmas shopping. Therefore, its main function is to help the body warm up and comfort.


However, and although we find it very curious, we will continue to go for our red wine; the one that does not have any sweet touch, but rather hints of wood, licorice, smoked, or maybe yes, with some notes of ripe fruit. Everything will depend on the wine you choose: El Jaral, Victoria 2017 or Rinconada in the reds, the rosé Lacrimae Rerum or the Verdejo.


At Christmas, for us, wine will continue to be served in a glass and not in a cup, at its serving temperature (normally between 14 and 16 C). And it will continue to be a fundamental part of the celebration of these dates. Because if there’s one thing we like to do, whether it’s Christmas time or not, it’s to toast with our loved ones for all the good things that are yet to come.