If there is one thing that characterizes the Christmas season, it is the decorations that accompany it. The streets are illuminated with hundreds of lights and colors, our houses are filled with characteristic elements such as the Tree and the Nativity Scene, and our tables bet on thematic table linen and tableware for “special occasions”.

This year we are going to focus on this last element and bet on tablecloths and napkins that give all the prominence to our Barcolobo wines. In this Christmas special, an exceptional pairing: which tablecloth to choose depending on the wine with which we accompany the meal.

Plain color table linen

When we opt for a plain color on the table, the rest of the elements begin to stand out and take relevance. This will be our greatest ally when we want to serve El Jaralour top of the range wine. To complete the table, a game meat. The ideal pairing.

Within the range of colors, we can leave the off-white of most banquets and restaurants and go for a gray color, or even a light green.

Vichy table linen

The checkered pattern known as Vichy is another classic of our table linens. Associated with picnics or more informal meals, especially the red color, it becomes a perfect combo when it dresses up our Verdejo. A lighter wine to accompany fish and seafood at a meal with friends or family.

In this case, color will also be key so that it does not look so everyday and can look perfect on a Christmas table The best option would be black without a doubt. But you can always take a risk with a softer color such as light blue.


Table linen lines

To break with the neutrality of a plain color, we can always look for a tablecloth that has some extra element, but that is not excessively heavy. A line, a border, or even an embroidery in the same tone, which adds personality.

This tablecloth is perfect for La Rinconada.. A 100% Tempranillo wine, very juicy, which is ideal for any event and for any type of food, for example a cheese tasting.

Table linen decorative elements

A much bolder option is one in which the entire tablecloth is composed of decorative elements. It can be very heavy, baroque or even “old-fashioned”, but with Barcolobo’s rosé wine it will be in perfect harmony.

The transparent bottle of our Lacrimae Rerum and the acid strawberry color of the product, combine with any type of table linen. The table would be completed with, for example, a platter of Iberian cured meats or even a stew. Nothing more rococo than a spoon dish!


Christmas table linen

Finally, and of course, Christmas themed tablecloths: with red ribbons, stars, leaves… anything goes. It is true that it is a very occasional table linen, which we simply bring out at this time of the year. Therefore, to counteract this, we propose our VictoriaBarcolobo’s flagship wine. Because there is nothing more important than feeling ‘at home’, beyond arguments or unresolved issues with a family member or friend. To complete the table, a good grilled meat.


This Christmas, your most special pairing, yours with your loved ones, around a table where Barcolobo reigns on your favorite table linen. Because the important thing will always, always be the company. With whom to share that glass of wine, those laughs, those tears and a lifetime. Happy Holidays!