Spring is one of the most special seasons: nice weather, longer days with more hours of sunshine and lots of outdoor activities. You can (and should) go for a run or a walk, but also meet up for a drink with friends. If your choice is wine, make it Barcolobo, the perfect glass for this spring. At this time, our recommendation will revolve around our freshest wines, with fruity notes reminiscent of blossoming trees.


Rosado Lacrimae Rerum

First of all, and of course, we will talk about our rosé: Barcolobo Lacrimae Rerum. This wine is aged in French oak barrels, with very fine grain and medium toast. It has an acid strawberry color, very bright, that catches your attention. The nose reveals notes of fruit, highlighting not only strawberry but also banana. On the palate, it awakens a lollipop taste that ends with a touch of acidity that cleanses the palate.

It is a refreshing and sparkling wine, perfect for this spring. It is recommended to serve between 14 and 16 C, in a wide glass so that it opens and lets all its aromas express. It is an ideal accompaniment to a board of cured meats and semi-cured cheeses. How we love a snack!


Blanco Verdejo

On the other hand, and given the characteristics we are looking for at this time of the year, we will propose our Barcolobo Verdejo. This wine, made by gravity (of the grapes, the must and the wine itself), acquires fruity notes during its aging in new French oak barrels, of very fine grain and medium toast, like Lacrimae Rerum.

In color we find a ripe lime green wine that in the mouth transforms into notes of apricot and pineapple, where touches of wood and nuts are also appreciated. It is therefore an unctuous wine, with balanced acidity. In this case, it is recommended to serve at 8 C, in a wide glass as well. And for pairing, we will opt for stronger dishes such as seafood, oriental food or a rice dish.


Enjoy spring with Barcolobo!