If you find yourself at the same dilemma as every year – no time and no ideas for a Father’s Day gift – don’t worry. Because this year everything changes. There will be no more details, no more surprises: just presents. The most important thing these days, on these dates that remind us how lucky we are to still be together, is to celebrate the here and now.

So, this Sunday, call your father, let him come home. There you will have his favourite food prepared for him, together with our top of the range wine, El Jaral, because he deserves the best. And you will enjoy every bite. Between laughter and laughter, remembering stories from your childhood. Because we know that dad always loves to make you laugh and go over all those funny moments, which can be embarrassing for you.

Then, between glasses of wine, you are going to spend a wonderful evening, with a film, a board game or a walk in the countryside: his favourite activity. And there will be your gift, which will be your time. A day full of present moments, of enjoying yourselves, of taking care of yourselves, of loving yourselves.

And Barcolobo will be delighted to share every moment with you. Because if there is one thing this Valladolid winery understands, it is the value of the family, of the union and the bonds that are created.

We wish you a happy Father’s Day surrounded by all your loved ones and a glass of your favourite Barcolobo. With an unmistakable aroma and unique flavour, Barcolobo wines are a great choice to surprise our dear dads on this special day. Be sure to take a look at our online shop to get your favourite wine, whether it is red, rosé or verdejo.

And let’s toast to another year together!